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(December 2013 edition)


Morcan designers Molly McGiver and Quinn Shaver were quoted in a recent HOME magazine article on interior designers who use green products.

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Our renovation of the historic Hyperion office complex was listed as a Top 10 by the New Cube blog in its article, “Old Space, New Tricks.”


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Morcan was voted #1 in the Interior Designer category in this annual consumer rating hosted by local TV Channel 12.

Room 734,7/F, Star House,
No.3 Salisbury Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui,
Kowloon, Hong Kong

​​​Star Tailors HK 

At the home of the finest suits in Hong Kong, Star Tailors is focused on providing top class service, along with high levels of customer satisfaction. Each suit and shirt has been 'hand crafted' by our master tailors, who have executed and perfected this trade for many decades.

"It is better to lose money, and make new friends". Here at Star Tailors we value customer relationships and we strive to make them happy with all of their purchases. We always appreciate when customers come back satisfied with the quality & fitting - many which whom repeat purchases.